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Benelux Process

Exclusive Distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg

Benelux Process is a specialist in the field of vacuum equipment and vacuum process technology. The company provides innovative technology solutions in this domain for your research and production setups.

They do not only offer reliable products from top successful European technology enterprises, but are also eager to share in-depth knowledge that they have gained for the past 25 years.

"What remains is the change. What changes remains."

Wolfgang Kerschbaum, Managing Director at Benelux Process

This quote of the Benelux Process Managing Director, Wolfgang Kerschbaum, points to joy in innovation - a philosophy that is inseparably linked to Thyracont Vacuum Instruments.

It is thus no surprise that the cooperation between Benelux Process and Thyracont has existed for more than 10 years and is bound to grow even stronger.

Many of our customers and partners agree with Wolfgang Kerschbaum who appreciates our high-quality and field-proven vacuum gauges.

Thyracont´s vacuum gauges and Benelux´ customer friendly support and technical advice guarantee for a long lasting relationship and continuous customer satisfaction.