Analysis, Spectrometry

To assure proper quality of the carbonated beverage production it is essential to monitor the pureness Read more


Electronics, Semiconductors

Wafer bonding is a procedural step in semiconductor technology. For certain applications this process Read more


Evacuation and Charging of Cooling Systems

Before this cooling system is filled or when it is to be refilled after maintenance work it first has to be completely evacuated Read more


Freeze drying

Freeze drying is a method to carefully extract moisture from temperature sensitive products like food Read more


Maintenance of Pumps and Appliances

Systematic maintenance and servicing of vacuum pumps help to prevent failure in production processes Read more


Short Path Distillation Systems

Thermo-sensitive mixtures are separated  gently through the use of a short path distillation system. Read more


Vacuum Coating, Vaporization

During the optical coating of mirrors for laser resonators the typical process pressure lies above 2e-3 mbar Read more


Vacuum Insulations, Double Wall Vessels and Pipelines

Vacuum insulation of liquid gas tanks protects the liquefied gas from the influence of ambient heat Read more


Vacuum Furnaces

Brazing, sintering or annealing requires an oxygen free atmosphere which means that processes are  Read more


Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging increases storage life of food products by a factor 3 to 5. For that purpose the package Read more